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We aim to showcase each project that joins us on the journey to creating the most extensive NFT Book collaboration.

Our strategy to achieve this goal?

By integrating your brand, NFT, or project into a narrative that we will craft. Essentially, it will be a tale that links every project together in a manner that embodies the essence of your project's vision.

The book will soon be available for purchase on Amazon, reaching readers worldwide. Furthermore, a digital edition will be produced as an NFT for online acquisition and reading by those intrigued.

The NFT Book will be showcased in The Crypto Magazine, the world's leading crypto publication, distributed in 23 countries and accessible in top 100 hotels and airports globally.

By collaborating, we aim to attain worldwide acknowledgment for all the projects featured in our book.

At The Community Of Communities, we uphold the motto "Together we can achieve more."

If you wish to contact any team member, we are ready to assist.

Let's unite in our efforts and showcase the strength of collaboration over competition.

How we are going to be proceeding once you have a page in the book!

If you have purchased a page then congratulations you are now a part of The Community Of Communities NFT Book collaboration.

Whats next?

First you will need to upload your artwork to us, depending on how many pages you purchased.

For each page purchased you can send maximum 1 NFT or Logo. Provide a detailed description of your project so we have a better understanding of how to incorporate your brand into the story that we are telling.

Dimensions for the artwork.

The pages in the book will be 2100x2100mm so the artwork will have to be 2000x2000px and 300DPI.

If you wish to participate in our COCStore program, then upload artwork in .png and a transparant background.

Maximum upload is 10 .png files for the COCStore program.

Revenue split from sales on the COCStore.

All revenue generated by your artwork will be split 50/50 between The community Of Communities and your project.

*password protected go to our telegram and ask for Doglins


with us


with us

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begin your web3 journey

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